Meet The Team

Meet Life's a Beach Property Management Team Members

Life's a Beach Property Management Team Members

Rick and Dawn formed their partnership in 2017 after working together in the same office.  They realized they have the same goals for their business and want to help both property owners and tenants have a great hassle free experience.

  • Photo of Dawn Knowles
    Dawn Knowles
    • Dawn has been a licensed Realtor for over 26 years.  She started investing in Real Estate in the early 2000's and started managing both residential and commercial properties in 2005.  Dawn comes from a family of real estate investors and developers.  She learned early on the benefits of owning real property.  Her passion has always been to help other people with their investments and to make their lives easier.
  • Photo of Rick Uttich
    Rick Uttich
    • Rick first got his license in 2005 in the Wild Las Vegas market. He was also licensed in Arizona. He's had his California Real Estate license since 2008.  Rick first moved to Ventura in 1988.  He quickly fell in love with the small beach town community.  His passion has always been helping people.  Property Management was a natural fit with his love for real estate and taking care of his clients.