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Rick and Dawn have been licensed realtors for over 44 years.  We have successfully owned and managed investment properties for over 16 years and understand first-hand what is needed to manage your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to rent my property?
How do you determine the rental rate?
How will you advertise/market my property?
How do you check the applicant's credit/reference history?
How much do you charge to lease my home?
Who collects the rent? When do I get paid?
What happens if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?
What happens if the tenant has a maintenance problem?
How much do you charge to manage my property?
Can I sell the property to the tenant?
Does retaining a management company mean I won't have any problems with my property?
How long have you been in business?

Why hire Life's a Beach Property Management

Why Should I Use Life's a Beach Property Management as my Ventura County Property Manager?

Through exceptional service and dedication, we are committed to providing a consistent elevated rental experience for both homeowners and tenants alike.

We understand firsthand the burdens that accompany the rental process. We realize finding the right people, the right properties, and right opportunities make renting smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

It’s our mission to provide the highest level of care, guidance, and integrity in all aspects of the rental process, and to service homeowners and tenants, not just as distinguished property managers, but as neighbors and friends within the community.

What Our Clients Have To Say

What Our Clients Have To Say...

Ventura Property Management Blog

Setting the right rental rates: While looking through the classifieds to see what other landlords are charging for similar properties is a fine way to ballpark your rent price, a good property management company will conduct a thorough market study in order to set a rental price for your property, ensuring that you achieve the perfect balance between maximizing monthl... MORE